Haley Bennett Love

Haley Bennett Love can now be reached via Haley-Bennett.com! Haley-Bennett.net is still functional but I am letting that domain expire come July of this year in favor of the .com. I have a lot of content to merge and also a new layout to put up so please bare with me while I get everything up to snuff.

Haley has stepped out in 2019 and I have added photos to the image gallery from the appearance!

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Images of Haley attending the Academy Awards and the Vanity Fair Oscar party are now in the image gallery.

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I have added one photoshoot image of Haley from her Vogue shoot (as well as a scan from the magazine) and two February events Haley went to to our image gallery.

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I have added photos of Haley from two shows she attended at Paris Fashion Week to the image gallery.

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